Moment of Transmutation from a Man to an Ass

“Magic Potion” Oils on Canvas – 24 x 30

He had begun his quest for magic power. Though he did not want to admit, it was really a quest for happiness and what is happiness but a freedom of want. Anyway what is the point of power if it doesn’t bring joy.

He wanted this power so he could cause change. His gut told him once we cause change we had better be nakedly aware of how that change will unfold. We must consider the results of our actions – karma.

This is where the story gets interesting – he wanted to transform himself into a master but instead transmuted into an ASS! You see the ego is a sucker for quick gain.

It is a matter of getting our love, our passions,under control and not allow that love to be usurped by others. Something that can be achieved by transcending good and evil – it is a return to paradise or bliss.

So finally it comes down to this: it is not a wish that succeeds but a plan.
He wished he had one…