The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller
Oils on Canvas 20 x 24

A Fortune Teller

“Are you asking me a question about wishes or about plans?” the fortune teller asked her.

“About my wishes.”

“Are you worrying or are you hopeful about those wishes?”

“Worried! That’s why I came to you. To…to find out if in the future my wishes will come true.”

“Don’t you realize you are creating your own future.”

“That’s absolute rubbish, the future is a matter of luck. Other wise every one would be creating a life just the way they want!”

“No – most people are just like you wishing and praying for a better future but doing nothing to make it happen”.

“I work hard, things just don’t seem to go right”.

“You work hard at avoiding the truth”.

“You not a fortuneteller – you’re a fraud!”

“You didn’t come to me hoping for the truth – you want me to lie – to tell you everything is rosy and your dreams will all come true, don’t you, but I won’t – you poison your mind with anger, cynicism and waste your time avoiding the truth. If you don’t change you are headed for a disaster”.

”That’s a horrible prediction – I won’t pay!”

“You won’t pay me but you will pay. I don’t want your money I want your attention, just remember this: its not the cards your dealt but how you play the game.”