Looking out

He became aware that he was aware. It was as if a dark cloud lifted off the top of a mountain and all was revealed. He recalled how in the past things looked so different, static and opaque; his mind always occupied by things he wanted and could not have, beautiful things. Then there were the reasons that keep his mind busy – reasons why he could not grasp for himself all that he wanted and so he raged in anger at the impediments.

Then it happened, well not just like that, it took time, a lot of it, but when you mark it off against eternity it might seem like a speck in the sands. You see he only looked upon a stone wall rather than seeing the thin and flimsy veil that he believed to be invincible and being invincible he felt trapped. He could not see the space that is all embracing – like a mother to her newborn baby. He just sat there and complained.

He sat and complained for many years. He looked out in the world and saw all that he blamed for his misfortune. “They ripped me off and it pissed me off” With this excuse he dragged his ass like an anchor on a boat – getting nowhere. That’s when he got the call.

It was a voice, inside his mind, which told him: “You must discover the unknowable”.

“How could I do that?”

“By getting out of the way,” the voice announced.

Now he was totally perplexed, “if I get out of the way then who will go and for that matter, who will know?”

“Nobody,” the voice returned.

Suddenly the façade fell away and he was aware and understood.