A Flash in the Pan

Water color

First PUBLISHED IN: “Rain Disaster, Party” – 2015

After the third rejection today he reached for the chocolate to sweeten the blow. Yes the competition is high –we are all clamoring to give our work away! I mean dig – there are better things than money like – like? People reading the shit you wrote! I mean that’s an accomplishment in itself – the editors will read it…well some of it…a few words…hmmm…well for sure the title I guess.
How long will this go on? Even the slot machines roll out three cherries sometimes. But I’m not gambling – this ain’t mahjong – I am developing a skill – there is no supernatural phenomena as long as I keep editing right, I should be getting better – in the flow – Wu Wei? He felt a crumbling of his foundation, a shifting but he stood firm.
Edit! Cut cut cut – Kill your babies.
IT must be fresh, clean, alive, with no cliché.
It’s a science: Self-correct!
It’s is an Art: Sing out!
It’s a chore: Clean up your mess!
Maybe I should vacuum the floor or wash the dishes while listening to Verdi. I mean maybe I should waltz along the Avenue singing praise of Satan. Climb a mountain? Maybe I should just keep writing! Damn it – it’s getting stuffy – I need fresh air – I am being suffocated!
He changed the station on the radio and a country song plays, “If I cry a hundred years maybe I’ll find a way to market these tears.”
That’s it! He turned off the radio inspired! He put on the yellow suit he had been saving and having dressed he took nothing else ran out the door down the street to the subway and to Grand Central; I’ll go north to apple country. The flowers may be ready to bud and I too shall bud and bloom with them. You see if only I can hang awhile – in fact long enough to become a juicy crisp apple, well you know the fable, as such I might be a great temptation to those editors; they shall eat of my fruit and they shall know good and evil.
Uh hmm should I change evil to bad?