The planetary power that governs this card is Mars. Mars is known for its military prowess, Liturgical bent employing the powers of arrest and punishment, and for its manpower in work. It is the enforcement wing of the ruling party in the house of Chesed.
Pe is translated as the mouth, an instrument used by seducers, politicians, and hopefully some educators. In Tibetan Bon Po the mouth is part of the throat chakra. The throat chakra is eternal energy governing speech and silence and which reminds us of the twin Gods of Ra Hoor Khuit and Hoor Paar Kraat the gods of speech and silence.
The tower is a projection of mans will extending out into the possible; as projections of the high and mighty we have example in the twin towers which have already fallen and the trump tower which like all things will one day tumble.
Today we have a divided country as represented by the Elephant, god of the Plutocrat, and the Mule a beast of burden and hero of the working class. They are shouting insults lies and diversions while the country falls apart. The Elephant puts his weight behind the punch – there is a backlash from the Mule. Behind them is the Dharma wheel or Wheel of fortune.
There are no real winners or losers in this game of words, only eternity.
We all have a voice use it.