On Top
A Zen saying is there are many paths up the mountain but on top the view is the same. Lao Tzu says the path that is certain is not the certain path. What is certain for one man is not certain for another but the goal of all spiritual practice is one: enlightenment. Wars are fought, people bicker about what they believes to be GOD”S lasting and only truth. But then we are, hopefully, asking, “well what is God?”

Shall I wade out in the swamp of belief and try to define God. Think of this moment moving to the next: we are alive! God is the nothingness that gives the space to existence. Can you touch the past or find the future? Oh yes your mind can remember a past and it can hope for or dread a future but can you say they are real, can you hand them to me and say here it is. So you will pull out of your pocket a stone you found a month ago and say here is something from the past – there for the past exist! But where is it? It is still NOW! Now is all there is.

So what is the view from the top of the mountain? It is the clarity of being, it is our awareness of a non dual state, a view of the ONE! Some call it God, some see the valley below with a river to the sea ending in the horizon. What is beyond the horizon, the beginning or the end? Climb down the mountain and climb another and there it is in all directions: the horizon we want to see beyond.