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    The global intelligent wooden packaging service providers which focus on packaging industry for 20 years

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    phone 400-690-2690

    Angelic packaging (suzhou) co., ltd. is a global intelligent service provider of wooden packaging, which has won 46 patents issued by the national Patent Office.It has been appraised as an advanced enterprise of tax paying by the government, an enterprise of packaging association and a vice President of packaging association for 8 years.

    Established in 1998, Angelic packaging (suzhou) co., LTD. Was reorganized in 2001, acquired by Hong Kong in 2004, changed its shareholding in the company in 2017, and landed on "new third board" (stock code 871696) in July 2017.Company's main wood products, large equipment design and manufacture of wood (iron), dangerous goods packaging wood packaging, large equipment container, shift, positioning and all kinds of fumigation (fumigation-free) fumigation wooden boxes, packing boxes, packing heat treatment, patent folding fumigation (fumigation-free) fumigation pallet, vacuum packing, nitrogen, heat shrink packaging, the activity type (socket, steel belt, no nail) box, iron box, box, etc.All kinds of packing produced by our company can be directly exported and the commodity inspection performance sheet can be provided.Dangerous packing certificate for export.

    The company is a national professional wooden box production enterprises, products a wide range of professional packaging products manufacturers.Since its establishment, the company has been based on wood products production has formed a set of design, manufacturing, packaging, transport as one of the actual strength of the team.The design and packaging capacity of the packaging box can reach 100T, and can complete various difficult and special packaging projects. The outbound engineering packaging team serves the whole country.The products of the company are door-to-door service in suzhou park, new district, wujiang, xiangcheng, Shanghai, wuxi, changshu, zhejiang and other Yangtze river delta regions and all over China.Packaging and packaging engineering has formed long-term cooperation with wuhan, daqing, hefei, weifang, uru

    • Angelic packaging (suzhou) co. LTD
    • Website:http://www.erichill418.com
    • Address:Puzhuang and an road, linhu town, wuzhong district, suzhou city, jiangsu province
    • Record:苏ICP备12049070号-1
    National free service hotline:
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    National free service hotline:
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